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GET LIGHT! Arm Balance Workshop

An Arm Balance & Inversions Workshop with Jamie Villanueva
Saturday, October 6th, 2018

Fly high & turn your world upside-down: Fear of the unknown and a lack of instruction in alignment, are obstacles that stand in the way of trying these invigorating, challenging and beneficial poses. The time to learn is now! Jamie will help you begin to experience the wonder that is 'gravity surfing', by breaking down each pose, and providing the foundation of knowledge needed to begin your exploration!

During this two hour Workshop, you will learn how to effortlessly shift your weight around to safely and accessibly experience arm balances and inversions. No prior arm balancing experience necessary, just a willingness to let go of fear and have fun in the moment!

The Workshop will begin with a short flow to warm up the body, and will then move into the arm balancing and inversion work. Under Jamie's mindful guidance, participants will work in partnership to breakdown various arm balances and inversions, learning tips and techniques that make balancing on your hands accessible and possible! 

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