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A 5 Week Series with Laura Villalobos in Wellesley

Five Monday Evenings
September 24th-October 22nd, 2018

Investment: $100.00 for the 5 Week Series, $25.00 for Single Drop-ins
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Join H.Y.P. instructor, Laura Villalobos, for this essential 5 week series, designed to safely introduce the basics of vinyasa (flow) yoga to completely new students, those unfamiliar with yoga or students who have taken a lengthy break from a consistent practice. This introductory series will breakdown and provide detailed instruction on:

  • Correct use of breath during practice (ujjayi breathing)
  • Connecting breath to movement
  • The foundational yoga poses that comprise our Power Flow class
  • Sequencing and flowing with grace, strength and endurance
  • Safe alignment within the poses
  • Connecting and powering from your core (udiyana bandha)
  • Focusing the mind, body and spirit

Through practice, dialogue and exploration, each class will build on the one previous, in order to develop a passion for practice that will shine with joy, inspiration and freedom. Please bring a mat, water and towel (we have all 3 available at the Studio for rent or purchase). Most importantly, bring an open mind and a willing, playful spirit. Please note: Heat will be gently introduced in the last two sessions only.